One day silver jewellery classes for complete beginners

As popular as ever – even without the boat! Groups or individuals enjoy a stimulating day of jewellery-making in our new comfortable Home Studio and some very nice cake!

The focus is on a really relaxed day out with complementary refreshments offered. We start with some basic copper wire work to get you settled in. Skills are developed throughout the day and later you will walk away with silver jewellery that you have made yourself!

You can choose from a range of projects to complete during your day. An example of things that have been made on previous 1 day courses are below (it’s much quicker than you might think!)

Simple plain rings and open bangles are a popular choice for your final making activity of the day, although other options are available and you may have your own plans. All materials are included although extra metal is available at cost.

Currently these courses are on special offer at only £75 per person if you book before August 31st 2021.

Please contact call or text me on 07845 8264215, or use the contact form to enquire about a date that suits you.

One Day Jewellery Classes Dates for 2021:

July 21st

August 19th , 21st , 26th ,

September 4th , 8th , 12th , 16th , 20th , 25th , 30th

October 3rd , 14th , 17th , 23rd , 28th

November 3rd , 6th , 11th , 20th , 24th

December 2nd , 5th

Half day “Developing skills” classes:

Half day morning and evening classes are now available for students who are looking for a little bit more of a challenge, with 2 – 4 spaces available for each session. You may have already enjoyed our beginner’s class, or simply want to take your skills to the next level. These three-hour sessions may suit you. Up and coming classes and set dates are listed below.

Again, if you are making a group booking, make an enquiry about a date of your own choice. I may be available.

Ring making

Make a “D” section or oval shank ring. Have fun with stacking or spinner rings. Personalise with letter stamps, or add a texture. Careful soldering and measuring skills are needed along with competent use of hand and machine tools. With close support you will succeed!

Morning: 9am – 12 noon – 11.08.21, 13.09.21, 13.11.21
Evening: 6pm – 9pm – 30.08.21, 09.12.21

Closed Bangle Workshop

With some accurate measuring, cutting and shaping, along with a little careful soldering, your closed bangle will just slip over your hand and fit perfectly. Add some texture and a polish for a finishing touch, maybe a handmade silver charm too. You walk away with a beautiful bangle that you have made yourself!

Morning: 9am – 12 noon 17.08.21, 06.12.21
Evening 6pm – 9pm 09.09.21, 20.10.21

Earrings Workshop

The small components of earrings make them very challenging to handle, and any additional design work only adds to the fun! You will learn how to cut, shape and join very delicate objects, taking care to make a matching pair. The real joy is adding your own creative input – and then it’s a case of making them hang correctly!

Morning: 9am – 12 noon 23.08.21, 09.10.21
Evening 6pm – 9pm 23.09.21

Pendant Workshop

Working with silver wire or sheet you will learn to develop and add to your own design for a truly unique pendant. Cutting, shaping and finishing the metal can be challenging but very rewarding. Texturing, joining and detailing are all used to bring your personal design to realisation. A choice of silver neck chain is included.

Morning: 9am – 12 noon 27.09.21
Evening 6pm – 9pm 12.10.21

And for something a little different . . .



A forged and carefully shaped cross will be made using a range of skills and techniques. You will create a bold and personalised statement piece that will hang on a supplied chain.

Evening of 02.09.21


Make a Roman snake ring, choose a penannular brooch for your cloak. Wrap an Anglo Saxon wire ring or create your own “Thor’s Hammer”. Lots of opportunities for re-enactment enthusiasts who also enjoy making, using similar skills to our ancestors.

Evening of 06.10.21

Chain making

A truly engrossing activity that has a huge opportunity for creative input whilst taking you “into the zone” and leaving concerns of the world for a while. Make a neck, wrist or ankle chain. Good hand eye coordination, and strong wrists are needed!

Evenings 01.11.21, 22.11.21